Hotshots Powder Coating,and Ceramic
                  Header  Coatings
               6246 Southwestern Blvd.    Hamburg, New York   14075     ( Just outside of Buffalo, New York)
                     CERAMIC HEADER COATING
                                           ( Not Jet Hot ) 


Cermakrome is a metallic ceramic coating that polishes to a chrome
like finish. This coating will withstand over 1300f base metal temperatures.
This coating can be applied to any metallic part (except magnesium)
that can withstand the cure temperature of 500f - 600f. CermaKrome
not only enhances the appearance of your headers and engine parts it
dramatically increases performance . No other coating can stand up to
the elements like CermaKrome.
                   SATIN BLACK
Our Satin Black is a high performance header coating that is ceramic
based, this coating has been tested at temperatures over 2000 degrees
without any lifting or cracking of the ceramic coating . Surface
temperatures are greatly reduced, lowering thermal fatigue of the part,
which not only extends the life of the exhaust pipe but also  temperature
under the hood is reduced. This coating can be used with a rust inhibitor
primer that will improve the life of the parts and the coating.


                     CAST IRON GRAY
This coating contains special high temperature pigments that have been
combined with the Black Satin resins to provide a color stable thermal
barrier coating  for exhaust headers and systems. This coating is ideal
for restoring  manifolds to a new cast iron look that needs virtually
no maintenance. Can also be primed with a rust inhibitor that will improve
the life of the part and the coating.


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